Monday, March 30, 2009

Wonderful birthday with the world

Most of the people in Malaysia celebrated my birthday last Saturday by switching off the light for one hour.. Well, not exactly.. They did it for the 60 Earth Hour campaign but it was just a coincidence that it’s on my birthday too..


Basically, in this campaign, people who participated would switch off their light for one hour from 8.30pm to 9.30pm on the 28th March 2009, which is on my birthday..

I did not actually participated in this event as I was in the shopping mall.. However, our house lights were off before we set off to the shopping mall.. If you asked me whether the shopping mall did their light off for one hour, I’d say YES!

Sunway Pyramid had their light off outside the whole building except few lights which made the pedestrian path visible.. However, inside the mall, it’s not as what you thought.. It’s definitely impossible to make everyone panic in the dark.. Only the unnecessary lights were switched off to support this campaign..

Ok.. Skip the Earth Hour stuffs.. Some claimed it’s useless as the best way to save the earth is to end the open burning and smoking.. (which is quite true..)

Anyway, my birthday.. It’s fantastic, I’d say.. For the past few years, before I came to the university to study, I used to have a big celebration at my home by inviting all my close friends to my birthday bash.. Otherwise, my family will bring me out to buy things that I’d wished for long..

White chocolate cake with some nuts inside..

This year, it’s not a birthday bash, but it’s still a great one to me.. This is the first year to celebrate my 20th birthday with my girlfriend.. Well, I just couldn’t explain how it is a great one to me.. But, I’m delighted on the day itself..

My girlfriend and friends planned an ambush a birthday surprise for me.. and I, somehow, got surprised.. Cause they managed to stay up late for me to return home as I went to watch midnight movie together with my girlfriend before my birthday itself.. Touchy touchy~~ I love ya all~~

1.. 2.. 3.. Make a Wish..

I had once get very disappointed during my birthday due to no surprises and lack of greetings from friends and family, but not anymore because I decided to not expect much from everyone and just to pass my birthday happily.. Unexpectedly, my friends, close or not close, they managed to send their greetings and wishes to me.. Some via phone, some via facebook while some via friendster and some via MSN..

My friends.. *mwah mwah*

I guess, it’s a good thing for us to not expect something too much once in a while.. Life moves on regardless it’s good or bad.. But it’s up to us to determine it’s a good one or a bad one.. and it’s exactly up to us to decide what future we opt for.. So, be HAPPY!!

She completes my birthday..

Anyway, here, I would like to thank all of my friends and family who had wished me my 20th birthday (Oh gosh.. it’s the beginning of the “2” already..) and if you’d prepared my birthday present, make sure you give it to me the next time you see me ya! Hahaz..



My Un-Naked World said...

U r so lucky being a part to prevent global warming... haha

Harry said...

i guess.. that can be intrepret as i'm a "cool" kid heh? uhmz.. not kid anymore.. regard me as fella! lolzz