Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Short Post: Back from Dragonball Evolution

Just back from the movie premiere screening of Dragonball Evolution which was sponsored by Nuffnang.. As the title said so, I won’t be writing a lot here..


Basically, I’m kinda tired with the whole day class already.. and my girlfriend and I went straight to One Utama to avoid being late.. Luckily, we took another route which is much more expensive but able to reach earlier and need not have to press on the brake that often..

But, anyway, to make the story short.. We went to Carl’s Junior and had our dinner there.. Bloated and satisfied as usual.. Went to collect our movie tickets and off to bowling without meeting any other bloggers..

Often, I left my girlfriend parted my world when I was together with other bloggers.. Hm.. I guess that’s what we said “disconnected” when you can’t actually establish a connection to something that you have no interest right?

So, went for bowling.. It was fun but I lose TWICE to my girlfriend.. I think the bowl got problem la.. (excuses only.. haha)..


Took a picture.. and saw some of my Kuching friends, my hometown friends.. My junior and three other seniors.. Two of them are also blogger.. Kelvin and Kit.. What a small world..

Then, I prompt into few other bloggers.. Bernard, Evelyn, WenPink, Jackie, Greg, Kate and etc.. (sorry, can’t remember some of the link.. leave the link in the comment and I’ll update it..) It’s a Blogoworld after all..

Then went for the movie.. Laughed for the lameness but stunned by the charm of Chi Chi and Bulma.. And jealous with the the adorable Goku.. and got disappointed by the lousy act of Master Rishi (Chow Yun Fatt)..

It’s just a normal movie with a lot of computer effects.. Exaggerating is what I should say..  I dislike the action and so on.. It’s too normal.. and the effect is terribly sucks.. but if you are one of a Dragonball fan.. Just give a shot and watch that movie..

Still can watch la if “mai hiam”..

So much for a short post.. =.=”

Signing off..

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~YM~ said...

I seriously agree that Cho Yun Fat's acting sucks. esp the part with this kung fu moves. They seriously needs a kung fu choreographer.