Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random post: Interesting Condom Packaging

Do you ever think of any interesting condom packaging?

Think how good or bad one might be? Or perhaps a funky one would be better for you?


Think again.. What else can you do with a condom packaging which is, of course, eye catchy yet meaningful?

If you got all those sort of idea.. Keep at it.. Take a look at this picture and you shall be inspired by the packaging..

image image

image image

image image

Interesting heh?! It’s vital for those who took up industrial packaging course as this might inspire them for better packaging in the future..


Kev said...

Interesting packaging indeed but I wonder what message Nike is telling us...."Wear it and just do it?"

By the way, is the packaging real or has been modified using photo editing software?

Harry said...

I believe the packaging is edited using photo editing software..

Well, it will cost a lot to just pay or the branding ain't it? unless the company sponsored them.. haha..