Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Singapore Trip - Day 3

Day 3.. Another day in Singapore..

The day started with waking up late for an appointment.. and well, for this, I would like to sincerely apologize to Calvin who I'd made an appointment at 9.30am and in the end I met him at 10.30am..

Well, I guess the midnight movie previous day was a bit too "early" and make me "a bit" exhausted..

Anyway, Calvin is someone I met online.. Yes.. You can say he is an online friend to me.. But he always call me "bro" or "adik".. By the way, after meeting him.. He brought me to Suntec City and treat me and my girlfriend "brunch" (breakfast + lunch) at Muthu Curry Restaurant.. He was worried that I couldn't eat spicy food.. But the truth is I am SPICY FOOD freak..

After eating, we went to Marina Square to meet Nophie (Check her out from Day 1 if you missed it).. Soon after that, Calvin brought us to somewhere nearby and showed me the "Floating" Stadium..

My apologize for no pictures about all this food and places.. Was too excited about the whole thing..

After that, Calvin brought us straight away to the Science Centre.. That place is totally cool..

SG Trip - Day 3 - 1

Ain't this cool?! How I wish I can join them playing all those things!! It's AWESOME!! There's still a lot of things that I saw inside the Science Centre.. Really A LOT!!

I forgot to take all those pictures as I was too into all those experimenting stuffs.. Perhaps, next time I go Singapore, I should take more pictures about it already..

SG Trip - Day 3 - 2

Yuni and Nophie

The main purpose of going there was to visit the Omni-Theatre (A FREAKING BIG THEATRE).. Wonder how it is? It has a sphered shaped screen and you are like watching the movie inside a ball and see the moving screening on half of the ball..

The first re-action of mine was "I NEED BIGGER EYES".. The screen is so big that you can't even see the whole screen by just fixing your head at one pose..

Nophie was funny.. She felt like she's going to fall off from the cliff when the movie showed the high cliff part.. It's very true that the whole thing looks real and lively to you because you can't see anything else besides the screen..

Well.. Again.. Sorry for no picture taken again.. Just too exciting for everything there..

 SG Trip - Day 3 - 3

And this is Calvin who brought me enjoying all this stuff on that day..

Later at night.. We went to Seoul Garden and took the buffet there.. Oh MY GOD!! The buffet stuffed my tummy like a ball.. I felt it difficult to move after eating so much.. Sushi.. Korean BBQ.. Spaghetti.. Chicken Chop.. Prawns.. Gosh!! Too much to eat at once..

Luckilly Seoul Garden closed earlier.. else my tummy will burst.. haha..

After eating so much, we decided to take a stroll at Clarke Quay.. Clarke Quay is a fantastic place to walk.. The place seemed a bit like "Jalan P. Ramlee" in Kuala Lumpur but the design of the buildings there are far far better than the one in KL..

If you are wondering why I am comparing it with Jalan P. Ramlee in KL.. This is why.. The place is packed with people at night.. Stormed by music at night.. and beautiful lights at night.. Yes.. It can be said as a "clubbing" area.. However, we saw the price listing for the club.. Even Ministry of Sound (M.O.S - one of the club) is also cheaper than many other clubs in Malaysia for the entrance fee..

Well.. That's that about Clarke Quay.. Ofcourse.. To know more.. you should check it out yourself there..

SG Trip - Day 3 - 4

This is the "Seoul Garden Warrior" and "Clarke Quay Navigator" group..

From left: Na Na (my auntie), Nophie, Yuni, Me, Ricky (friend of Yuni)

The one taking picture was Calvin..

 SG Trip - Day 3 - 5

Thanks to Calvin for this splendid picture.. A picture of my girlfriend with the fountain..

SG Trip - Day 3 - 6

Finally, we got a stranger to take picture for us.. (with Calvin inside the picture this time)

 SG Trip - Day 3 - 7

Nope.. This is not Bollywood.. This is a picture of me and my girlfriend at Clarke Quay too.. and Calvin took the picture for us again :)


The whole trip since Day 1 was very very tiring yet FUN!! I believe going out for holiday are meant to be tired but worthy!!

I am looking forward to go to Singapore again soon.. Hope by that time.. I can save more money and go to buy things there during BIG BIG Sales!!

Signing off.. from Singapore Trip..

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