Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ryan's Birthday

After all the stress, I'd been doing things quite a lot.. I celebrated my friend's birthday and even went to Singapore to enjoy myself..

To find out about my Singapore's Trip, check out another post..

It was Ryan's birthday last Wednesday on the 14th May 2008..

Ryan's Birthday 1 Ryan's Birthday 2 Ryan's Birthday 3 Ryan's Birthday 4

Yeap.. That's how retarded he is.. (Laughing evilly)..

He is a funny guy and he talks a lot.. Well.. Overall, he just talk too much haha.. Anyway, he is a good kid (that's what I called him.. KID)..

Consider himself lucky.. I brought him and his friend went to Sunway Pyramid.. (Most of them never been there before..) I hope they enjoyed that night..

And to Ryan, I am sorry I didnt buy any present for you.. But I hope you enjoyed your meal and enjoyed yourself that day..

Not to forget about Ryan's friends too..

Ryan's Birthday 5 Yeapz.. This few monkeys..

Ryan's Birthday 6

From the left : Yii Sian, Ryan, Eng Kee, Michael

Ryan's Birthday 7

According to them, I'm no.1 winner in iTalentStar eventhough they lost.. That explained why they showed "1" in the picture..

How sweet..

I see them all like my younger brother and of course.. As an elder brother, it's my responsibility to take care of them and entertain them.. They are my junior and they are pathetically funny..

Well, you guys should get close and know them more.. They always makes me smile :)

 Ryan's Birthday 8

Ofcourse.. The whole thing wasn't planned by me alone.. My girlfriend also helped me a lot in this task to throw Ryan a birthday celebration..

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