Saturday, May 31, 2008

All about the "kids"

Wahey.. Something new again.. Lately, I'd been hanging around with the four "kids" again.. (See my previous post if you don't understand who the h*ck am I saying..)

Well, actually I was kinda lazy to write about them 'cause there's too much to talk about them.. Unfortunately, I once said that "I'm gonna blog about you guys in my blog again!" and those words urged me to write about them.. They, too, urged me to write as I said those words in front of them and they keep checking my blog for updates..

So Michael, Yii Sian, Eng Kee and Ryan, don't be surprised to see your face appears in my blog again..

So, what's the interesting part of them?!

Let me guide you through these gorgeous pictures.. (Laughing evilly)

First of all.. Let me introduce you again..

Virus and Rain

Viruz019 (Michael) and Rain (Eng Kee)

This picture was taken during a trip to KLCC for the WCIT '08 Exhibition. Both of them had a nice sleep and look how cute they are when they slept so soundly especially "Rain" leaning on "Viruz019"..

Wondering why one is known as Viruz019 and another as Rain?! Well, I'll have to tell a bit about them.. The reason Mikey (Michael) regards as Viruz019 isn't because of "Celcom" (019 network) virus but it's mainly because he tried to emphasis on the "019" which is his birthday on 01st September is too into "computer" stuffs.. And about that Rain?! He is just too obsessive with Rain (The famous Korean singer) known as Rain since High School and according to them, almost the whole school knew him as Rain after a year of his "Rain" performance..

So.. ya.. that's about that Viruz and Rain..

Next.. Let me introduce you another two..

14052008390 14052008380

Sian (Yii Sian) and Gay Ryan

The pictures tell everything.. Sian - Narcissist King (Thought I would be narcissi enough.. but this fellow is even took his own picture using my handphone worse.. and Ryan.. He is just like what you see in the picture.. A retard mimic that can always make you laugh..

Anyway, it sounded my blog is getting kinda cruel this time.. Ofcourse, they are all nice kids.. Check out the latest picture taking together with them..

24052008592 24052008587 24052008589 24052008598 24052008606

Oh ya.. and the guy in white with stripy red.. He's Boon San (excluded from the kids' list)

Information given in this blog might not be 100% accurate.. Trust at your own risk..

Well.. Till then.. Looking forward to go out with them again.. They added few more colours in my life and ofcourse added few more pages in this blog..

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