Monday, May 12, 2008

iTalentStar - LIVE Finale Event


So nervous!! Result for iTalentStar will be out by tomorrow..

Some more it'll be LIVE..

This is somehow scary yet exciting..

Oh my god~!! I donno can win this competition or not.. But I had tried my best and give me 101% of effort in it already..

Whatever outcome it is.. I'm more than happy enough already.. Because I gained a lot of things from this competition already.. I get to know people around my surroundings.. Those who supported me and those who did not..

Though I'd been thru many restless nights , I am still happy because few of my friends helped me get thru those hard days..


Well.. As for YOU, DON'T FORGET to watch the LIVE finale event tomorrow (13th May, 2008) from 6pm-8pm at

Be sure to be at the site before 6pm to make sure u won't MISS anything..

Note that some delay will happen due to internet connection as this is a LIVE event streaming in the website..

See you guys in there.. ;)

Wish me luck..



g1Ng3r said...

jia you jia you oo~

Harry said...

will de..

PinkIngrid said...

BOO! I saw you! Hahaha! Link me Harry, this is Ingrid (Phil. Country Champion)