Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Singapore Trip - Day 2

Day 2.. Went to Sentosa Island..

I enjoyed so much there.. It's been a LONGGGGG LONGGGGGG time since I last went there.. I think it's around 7-8years already since I last went there.. A lot of changes had been made there and now the beach are freaking FUN!!

Walk through the picture with me together..

SG Trip - Day 2 -1

Welcome to Sentosa..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -2

My girlfriend and I taking a memorable picture as a signature that we reached sentosa..

SG Trip - Day 2 -3

Ofcourse.. If we didn't miss our opportunity to go to the Underwater World (SG$19.90 - inclusive of Pink Dolphin performance)

 SG Trip - Day 2 -4 SG Trip - Day 2 -5

I like all those aquatic creatures.. They are somehow colourful to me.. The one on the right hand side is known as the angel in the water.. it's luminuos, small and transparent..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -6

Fish.. Fish..

SG Trip - Day 2 -7

Small crabbie.. My mother sure likes it..

SG Trip - Day 2 -8 

Spider crabbie?! Scary.. It's freaking big..

SG Trip - Day 2 -9

I'm sure my mother will be very very happy to see this if she joined us to this Singapore trip..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -10

Fish.. Fishes.. More Fishes...

 SG Trip - Day 2 -11

Yeapz.. This is the tunnel of Underwater World.. You'll feel like u are swimming together with those sea creatures..

SG Trip - Day 2 -12 

Ofcourse.. Swimming will be very dangerous here.. there are 3D white shark here too..

SG Trip - Day 2 -13

Look at the shark behind me.. Though you can only see the tail.. but it's scary.. Luckilly I am just in the tunnel..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -14

Jelly? Yeapz.. Jelly fish.. the colour light makes them very colourful too..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -15

Jelly.. Jellyfish!!! Pretty ain't them?! But DANGEROUS!!

 SG Trip - Day 2 -16

Welcome to Siloso Beach.. This is me and my sweet auntie.. Aww.. I miss her so so much..

SG Trip - Day 2 -17

And yes.. this is my cousin.. He is pretty much taller than me.. I asked him to stand somewhere deeper so it won't make me look short..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -18

My girlfriend.. and few sexy people lying down behind.. It's a cafe at the beach.. cool place..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -19

A picture taken by me.. Nice isn't it?! It's just a coincidence to have such pretty view there..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -20

Sand Love made by me.. And thanx to the wave for completing the art..

 SG Trip - Day 2 -21

After going to sentosa.. I didn't go back.. I went to Chinatown straight away and bought my friends some souvenir.. Hope they like it..

There's too much to talk about it.. Want to know more?! Ask me personally.. but not through typing.. it's tiring to tell the long story there..

And yeapz.. that's how I spent my 2nd day there..

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