Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Knocked out in iTalentStar

Hey guys.. Thanx for giving me all those comforting words to me.. I really appreciate it..

No worries.. Losing in this competition does not really matter much to me.. Ofcourse it does beat me down a while but I managed to settle back my feeling again..

Congratulation to Nino Ventura and Kash Nagaraj for winning the competition and crowned as the first iTalentStar and Friendster ambassador..

iTalentStar Winner

I had learned a lot of things throughout this competition.. Things that I'd never done before, I'd finally try it out by myself.. I never do video shooting nor editing videos.. But it turned out that those videos are quite fine for just an amateur like me.. (Complimenting myself to comfort myself.. haha..)

Well.. If you haven't see any of my video before.. You should check it out.. The most effort that I'd put in will be the final video..


Video Links:

Glamour in Me - My very first video..

My Passion - Well planned video..

My Fitness Side - I lost this challenge.. Not a good video I guess

My Buddy - Revealing my supporters

Call For Votes - Short clip

Semi-Final: Places in Malaysia - I explored many places in KL

Semi-Final: People/Culture in Malaysia - Done a bit of research for this..

Final: Miraculous Love (Part 1) - First time acting..

Final: Miraculous Love (Part 2) - Sweet Sweet Love

Director's Cut - Talks about the final video


Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my fans and supporters.. Ofcourse, not forgetting my close friends and my family who had been supporting me since the beginning of the competition.. The duration of this competition is quite long but I enjoyed it all along..

Cheers ^^v

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