Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Singapore Trip - Day 1

Waah.. I went to Singapore with my friends from 16th May to 19th May 2008 for 3 nights..

A lot of things happened there though it was just for a short period..

There's too much to blog about in just one post.. That's why I have to separate into few blogs..

For the first day in Singapore, we didn't really do much as we reached there early in the morning at 6pm and we couldn't do anything much as all the shopping centre were still closed..

Therefore, we took our breakfast and Mc Donald and went to Hotel and slept until 3pm..

Soon after that, I met up with my auntie and had "lunch" with her.. She brought us all around the Orchard Road and did some shopping all day long..

Sorry for no picture about all this as I didn't take any picture for all this happenings.. Perhaps, I was too happy to be there and saw my auntie..

We also met up with my girlfriend's friends - Julia and Nophie.. Both of them are friendly and we could actually talk the moment we met each other..

SG Trip - Day 1 - 1

Nophie and Yuni (my girlfriend)

Well, I guess Julia didn't like much to take picture.. That's why i didn't have any picture of hers..

SG Trip - Day 1 - 2

Anyway, you might have seen a lot of pictures were taken at Starbucks.. Lately, I'd became Starbucks freak.. The Ice-Blended Green Tea Frapuccino is my favourite and I always ordered that..

Well, that's how my first day in Singapore..

Oh YA!! My girlfriend and I also went to watch midnight movie 2days in a row.. Movie ticket there cost the same as in Malaysia if you did not convert it to RM of course.. The movie ticket ranging from SG$6 (Students' Fare) to SG$12 (Latest Box Office Movie).. I guess watching movie in Malaysia will be much more cheaper then..

Bah.. That's how first day it is.. more text than pictures.. :)

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