Saturday, January 31, 2009

DiGi Music Telegram

It’s been a while since I see advertisement of DiGi Music Telegram all around the blogosphere and I did not really put it at good use.. And surprisingly, I got a surprised call last week early in the morning (just woke up) from a MyFM DJ, DJ Fei Bi telling me that there’s a song dedication from my girlfriend “Yuchelia” and wanted me hear the message dedicated from her..


Well, my girlfriend is not in Malaysia currently which made them unable to contact her and instead of calling her, they called me.. I was like “stunned” for a moment when a lady called me and said she’s from MyFM.. I thought what trouble I got into.. and there.. DJ Fei Bi passed the message to me.. Though I couldn’t really hear the message clearly but I felt the message is so sweet and I was so touching..

And soon after that, I found out that this Music Telegram is an awesome thingy.. Guess what?! I found the message dedicated from my girlfriend from the “Previous Dedication” log..


For those who cant view the picture, this is what she dedicated to me..

From: Yuchelia (My lovely..)

To: Krawx (Yours truly..)

Song: Ming – I Need Somebody

Message: Its almost 9mths now. All the ups and downs that we've been through, it has made our relationship stronger. Thanks for everything. If until the day comes, that I'm unable to be by urside anymore, just know that my love will always be there, no matter where I am. For the time being, I need someone to make me strong in going on through everything.. Hope you'll always be there. Love you loads baby.

Wah kaoz.. I flew into the air and felt the love is in the air.. EVERYWHERE!!

Well, I know.. part of the message do sound a bit depress.. but I guess.. those are part of the ups and downs of the relationship.. *winks*

Touching?! I guess it’s time to do the same thing for your love ones.. Be it your family or your friends.. Just send your dedication sincerely and you’ll be able to pass them on!

Another spectacular thing I found from this Digi Music Telegram is one of the clip I found in that site..

Oh my GOD!! Azizi is in the video.. and guess what?!

AZIZI ZAKARIA is now singing amongst big names like Suki, diddy and so on.. I met this little fella way back at the Digi Celebriteen ‘07 – 2nd season.. Check this post out about the interview with him..

He really did a good job by impressing me with his great vocal.. and WHAO!! I heard that his ALBUM is launching in March.. cant wait to get one soon!!!! (Hoping to get his own signature on it too..)

To know more about Azizi Zakaria, check out his blog at Who knows you might be able to get his album from him himself?! Well, just “who knows” what will happen..

One more thing to share with all of you.. You should check this video out! It’s one of the video I like..

I laughed till I rolled on the floor and jumped up and down.. *literally*.. I guess, you can just pass your cruel or lovely message via this DiGi Music Telegram.. AWESOME!!

Time for you to make a dedication for me.. Try not to be so CRUEL ya..

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