Saturday, February 7, 2009

Short post: My dear is coming..

Whee!! My dear is coming to Kuching.. Finally!! After about two months not seeing each other physically (only see through webcam), we are going to see each other again tonight..


Gosh.. Can’t wait to fetch her at the airport.. Thinking so much about her reminds me the time we started out each other.. and, of course, watching the video made by her definitely makes it nostalgic!

Well, I’m not going to share the video made by her to me.. but I’ll share a video that we both made together.. entitled.. “Miraculous Love”..

Well, I did some post about the video at here.. but the last time you saw the video has yet to sub..

Due to the noisy surrounding and lousy video we’d made.. I decided to sub the video again.. So that.. those who has lousy soft speaker can also see the subtitle..

So.. here you go..

Miraculous Love - Part 1

Miraculous Love – Part 2


Okay.. I know you are going to complain about the quality and everything.. This is my very first time make a short film and editing it.. I guess there’s always rooms for improvement for a rookie, right?!

Do give some comments about the video ya.. Good or bad.. Shoot it all!!


Yuchelia said...

Next time put a nicer pic le.. me malu ma..
Altho i'm ugly.. but at least people will be deceived by the pictures ma.. ><"

Ahmike said...

Happy meeting ya :D