Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese “Niu” Year

I know that you’d say “NOT AGAIN?!” I’m pretty sure that a lot of bloggers all around the world had written a post to greet everyone with their warmest wishes for this Chinese New Year..

If you are thinking that I might to something different.. then.. I might have disappoint you.. Oh well.. Guys!! I’m here to wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year Too..


Time actually passed kinda fast.. and like I always said.. we’re fighting with the time.. flowing in different direction.. but I guess, it aint all so bad.. Chinese New Year is like “TOMORROW!”.. I mean it really is TOMORROW!

I can’t wait to celebrate this Chinese New Year  in the year of 2009!! Well, basically, I’m going to celebrate this new year.. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.. celebrate from the 1st day of Chinese New Year till “Chap Goh Meh” (15th day of Chinese New Year) without being frustrated for the need of attending for class or anything likewise..

Oh man.. I’m sure I have to treasure this 15 days of Chinese New Year.. There are various of things happening around me lately.. and was not able to update it.. Not forget to mention that I even owe my readers for my December updates..


Well, Just to make this a short one.. I hereby wish everyone  新年快乐 (“Happy Chinese New Year”) and 恭喜发财 (“Gong Xi Fa Cai”).. I’m pretty sure the “Cow” will be kinda busy this year.. Everyone will just pop in and out with Happy “Niu (牛)” Year when they do house visiting..

Of course, if you are still at the legal age for “Ang Pao”, I wish you to have more and more “Ang Pao” as legal age pass kinda fast..
And if you are a married couple, wish you have a happily ever after life at all time..
And if you are involved in business, wish you have a smooth and fruitful success ahead.. (Don’t forget my Ang Pao, if you happened to be kinda fruitful this year..)
And if you are still studying, wish you get GOOD results and able to cope with it..
And if you are working, don’t complain too much but to wish you all good and able to get a “raise” from your boss..
And if you are still dreaming, time to wake up, life is short.. live life to the fulless..
And if you know Harry, I sincerely wish everyone a smooth sailing year ahead and not to look back on the things that kept us back.. Time to move on.. It’s time to change!!

Well, guys, if you wanna come my house for house visiting, make sure you buzz me on my phone ya.. You know the number so I won’t post it here anymore..

Last but not least, wish you all 888 HUAT HUAT HUAT FA FA FA this year..

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Kev said...

well Harry, any kind of Chinese New Year greeting is fine - it's all the same no matter how and in what language you use :)

GONG XI FA CAI, and keep blogging