Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bambu Haur Restaurant – Jakarta

As I promised long long time ago in one of my previous post, I’ll post one by one about my trip in Jakarta.. Well, it’s been a month plus after that short post.. So, to not make you complain more about a blank promise, I’ll cut the crap and show you the nice environment of Bambu Haur Restaurant in Jakarta..

I’m not really sure about the location of this restaurant but we entered this restaurant while we were in our journey to Pangandaran Beach.. We took our lunch out of no where (typically, I am always not good with direction..) but I was surprised to see the environment.. I would say FABULOUS for such a place..

Imagine walking into a cozy restaurant in a “kampung” (village).. (well, that’s how I felt though..)


Yes, I can’t deny that the look from the outside looked pretty normal.. In fact, not as cozy as you thought..

But the moment we entered the restaurant.. We started to think differently about the place..


It’s undeniable that the place is a bit warm since it’s not air-conditioned, but who cares, cozy doesn’t has to be air-conditioned at all time.. As long as you’re comfortable with it, the you will be fine with it!

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I know, I know.. You must have thought I was kidding with you telling you how cozy it was but in the end it’s only the beautiful landscape that amazed me.. but to tell you the truth, in Malaysia, we can’t actually find a restaurant that is well designed in the middle of nowhere.. Mostly, we’re able to see some normal restaurant with simple and typical design only..


One remarkable thing about this place is that there are few houses next to the restaurant and I was thinking that the restaurant, most probably, belongs to the landlord there..

I am kinda impress with Indonesians crafting works and their creativity.. They are really good in it.. Well, I guess that’s how you should be when you are struggling yourself to make living in such a big and populated country..

Since it’s a restaurant, time to see the Menu..


Don’t be surprised with the number of “0” zero behind all those figure.. I was shocked everytime I look at the menu in Indonesia, no matter how many time I’d look at it..

Well, even though, the restaurant is well-known for their “Ikan Bakar”, we didn’t really eat their “Ikan Bakar” (if.. I didn’t recall wrongly.. sigh.. can’t blame Harry’s lousy memory..)


Well, most people has their cold dishes as their appetizer.. As for us?! Our appetizers are those “Keropok” or better known as cracker in English.. Well, I don’t know much about those cracker as I personally didn’t eat much of it as it’ll thirst me very fast!


Well, we tried out some of their course meal.. It taste quite nice.. And the fried fish are super duper crispy..

About the candle?! Well, a lot of restaurant in Indonesia used candle to prevent flies from coming.. I don’t know how effective it is, but I am pretty sure it work because I don’t really see much flies coming to us even though “their” favourite dishes were there..



Well, that’s pretty much about how the restaurant is.. If you really need to know where the place is located, I would have to ask my girlfriend since she’s more familiar with the place.. Teehee~~



renaye said...

wow. very nice landscape. but is the food good?

Terrix said...


Terrix said...

Is this your gf family restaurant?

Harry said...

yeah.. very nice landscape and design.. the food.. not bad.. not excellent taste but it's good enough for a countryside dish..

no.. not my gf family restaurant la..