Monday, January 12, 2009

Reason African women should be scared of

There's a lot of reasons why we should be afraid of something.. People got some trauma after some serious incidents happened to them for some times and slowly it became a hidden memory, yet a horrifying memory..

For example, like me, since small, I'd always afraid of playing basketball or even football.. I got traumatized by them just simply because I always got hit by the ball by just standing or walking by the field.. I have no idea why, but the ball just came right at my face and "POOOP!" at my head and I went "!@$#@#@^@$" (cursing) after that.. and slowly.. trauma became phobia.. I guess I am now afraid of those balls not the human balls of course..

So, back to the topic.. why I said there's a reason that why African woman should be scared of?!

"Afraid of what?!", you asked..

I'd say afraid of the Dicks Cocks Cunts MEN there in Africa..

You'll get the bells ringing when you see picture below which I got from another forwarded e-mail from a crazy friend of mine.. Mail forwarding can be one way to spread things fast and with wide coverage.. Just like DIGI..

image image image

Ok.. I know.. I saw you had your jaw dropped after looking at these picture.. Argh.. Man.. A lot of guys wishes to have extra long dick cunt cock "little brother".. but I guess once they saw the picture above, they got traumatized.. I'm sure they don't wish to be like one of any above..

Seriously, it's scary to me.. Imagine when you go shopping.. looking for underwear or brief.. You just can't get the size right.. You got what I mean, don't cha?!

Ya.. first reaction might be impressive.. but when it comes to intercourse.. Uhmz.. I guess you know the rest.. While you may be enjoying it, you might be hurting yourself too.. You should be running for help as fast as you could if you see this on your bed!

I believe, now, you know the reason why African woman should be afraid of the guy there and that they can run freaking fast.. Either they enjoyed it a lot or they suffered a lot.. What say you?!!


Disclaimer: All of the pictures above are taken from a forwarded mail. The contents above in this post are not based on facts. It's written to create merely a Harry's humour.


alien said...

ui.. gila lo..

julian said...

Just to point out - these men are not Africans, they are from Papua New Guinea :)

Kev said...

I saw a documentary on this tribe in National Geographic over Astro quite some time back. It's a unique practise. The host (a "gwailo") tried that long device, and it was very uncomfortable and painful.

OUCH! But that's the culture.

Muhd Naim said...

0___0. so shocked

Johnny Ong said...

how do u know that the women are scared of it?

Harry said...


really? ah.. thanx for the information...

Kev: OUCH!! that's really OUCH man.. very pain de lo.. ><"

Muhd Naim: LOL.. ya.. me too..

Johnny Ong: Making assumption only.. lolz..