Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It’s been long..

That I haven’t seen your face.. I’m tryna be strong.. *and the music continues..*

(Akon’s very first album cover)

Well, that’s the beginning of the song, Right Now (Na Na Na) from Akon anyway.. I know it’s been like ages since my last update in this blog.. It’s like tons of my readers been asking me what happened to me and this and that..

Well, I should say I took a short break from the blogosphere and officially announce that I’m back in action again.. This time, it’ll be more personal and more mysterious than ever.. *Refer to the new header above.. Cool eh?!* I’ll introduce about that in my upcoming post so stay tune for that..

So, time to answer my question to my readers who had been wondering, whether or not, I’m still alive.. Well, I pretty much alive here.. See, you are already reading this till here.. I know, I know, you’ll most probably start “sweating” there and keep cursing me for my crap.. Ain’t you glad that I’m back?!

(Picture from 2 months ago.. Didn’t take much after stop blogging..)

Actually, I took a break in blogosphere, thinking that it took out big portion of my time everyday to come here, updating the post, checking out the comments and everything else..  Due to that reason, I’d a bit problem in managing my time with my girlfriend as well.. Imagine I’m locking myself in the room even at the weekends for blogging.. IMAGINE THAT!

(Have you watched this movie yet?)

Oh.. Which actually reminds me that tomorrow it’s the exact 16months that we’ve been together.. *winks* Well, hope everything goes smoothly lah, ya..

I’d this thing going on in the online radio field which needs me to run and drive it.. I’m like the root of it.. Without it, all those long history I had with it will vanish together with it and gone to waste.. I’d introduced my this online radio before long ago, but just to freshen up the memory again.. It’s called iStream Radio Network which basically based in Malaysia and to share all the hits or music to all the music lovers out there.. We had a little bit plan here and there but I’ll update you guys when it’s all good.. It’s a long term project, so it takes time..

Of course, apart from using up my time on this radio, I have my university stuffs to do as well.. Pretty much those exams and some assignments.. It’s all good at this moment, if you asked..

(Taken two weeks back..)

There’s tons more to talk about but I’m sure you’ll fall asleep before the real things even begin.. I’ll save the rest in all those upcoming blogs.. So,prepare yourself with a pillow before coming here alright?!

Missed you guys soooo much..


Yuchelia said...

YAY!!! I'm first even tho u didnt tell me u have post it!! Haha.. see how efficient? lol.. (actual reason is.. I have no mood to start on my assignment which is due this friday..)

Ah well.. Loving the new header or banner or whatever it is called.. Its so cool!!! You rock babe!! :)))

Well.. Honestly.. I didnt even remember that tomorrow.. As in today.. Is our 16 months.. --a
Well.. I've not tried to remember it already since.. Dunno how long ago.. But still, Thanks so much for remembering..

Love u babe...

Eve said...

You're finally back! Welcome back and happy 16month-niversary to u and ur gf:)!

Viya said...

i thought it's a harry potter blog...

Harry said...

@Yuchelia: thanx for liking to it and supporting it.. love you babe

@Eve: thanx eve.. back in action dy.. wahkakakaz

Harry said...

@Viya: teehee.. it's mine miss.. :) welcome welcome..