Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Like the new header of mine?!

Well, from the previous two post, I’d mentioned a lot about my header.. However, there were a lot of changes before I’d actually picked this current one.. I did asked few of my friends to do a bit of survey and to get votes.. In the end, it turned out well..

The concept of this header was actually having the word that looks like a story book or even a magazine header.. I used clean font type to portray the targeted word which is “The Twilight Edition”, and, of course, smaller fonts with different color for the slogan which is “more personal” and “more mysterious”

Well, let’s do less word and more picture this time.. Let’s see the step-by-step evolution of this header..

(first version, without the link, simple and clean design)

(second version, added the link below in orange color and enlarge the height)

(third version, added “Blog Of Life” in the bottom right)

(forth version, moved the “Blog Of Life” to the top of the wordings)

(fifth version, added some decoration to the “Blog Of Life”)


(sixth version, added the “..and the story continues..” at the bottom right)

That’s not all, ‘cause my friends thought that, too many words make the header lost it's focus, so, the only solution is to make the orange link at the bottom left smaller..

(final version, made the orange link smaller)

However, I did some funny tryout to make the header more interesting within the versions.. Well, of course, the failure ones..

(Failure experiment, colored the “i” into red to make it more mysterious)

So, which one do you actually like?

If you asked me, I’d say the current one.. (Of course lah, I designed one what..)


Anonymous said...

I like the concept but the link if can, don't use the images because if can, use hover effect is nicer .. ^^

Harry said...

@jejaktrend: i'll try to do hover soon.. thanx for the idea..

yuchelia said...

To me, anything is perfect.. But i like the now header (cos i am part of those whom u ask opinions too, i hope)
Yeah... so.. Its very nice.. I'm so proud that I have a boyfriend who is so good in designing and doing this kind of stuff.. Haih.. How i wish i can be like him.. :(

Jia you!!