Friday, September 4, 2009

Blog Of Life – Twilight Edition

You may had noticed the change of the blog header and also I had updated my post since few days back.. Been busy with assignments and so on.. (Last minute work as usual..)

Anyway, some of you might ask me why “Twilight”?! Why not any other edition?!

(Blog header on the top of the page..)

It took me quite some times to actually think about the new theme for this blog.. Last time, it was just “Blog Of Life” with the theme that reflects our life as a storybook and everyday in our life is written in it..

This time, I came up with this Twilight Edition, mainly to reflect another part of myself which I don’t normally show it in the blog.. Perhaps, if you read back my blog, I’d been trying to write something in positive approach and only little bit of negative thoughts..

Speaking of which, it’s time for me to get more personal with my readers and show the mysterious part of Harry.. And, of course,  you might notice the picture on the right of the header..

(The twilight reflections..)

This picture came with a concept which I’m looking the mirror and reflecting myself in multiple ways (multiple mirrors).. Mirror has always been like a twilight zone to me since I fantasized a lot last time..I’d even written a story about the twilight zone which connects the underworld with our real world..

The thing is.. there are actually times that we feel like expressing ourselves and we could not find a right way of expressing it.. This very place, will be the place where I spill my feelings and emotions with things that revolve around me..

So, how do you think about this theme?! Like it or thumbs down?


galisin88 said...

wow...something new.....nice one Harry....sometimes the image of us reflected from the mirror can show the different sides of us as we see ourselves in the mirror....

Harry said...

@galisin: exactly.. i cant deny that u are right.. :)