Friday, September 25, 2009

Tsunami @ Haeundae

I just watched this movie, Tsunami at Haeundae, at Genting Highlands Cinema and it touched my heart so deep that I can even feel droplets of water rushing down to my chin.. It’s been a while since I had those type of feelings which gets into me deeply and touches my soul.. It’s been a while since I get really swallowed up by the whole scene or should I say that I got fascinated more than ever in this movie..


I can still recall few touching scenes inside the movie even until now.. The images keep flashing through my memories and it feels like I’m in the movie together with those refugees who runs for their life with their love ones and sacrificed themselves for the others.. It feels so yesterday, literally.. even though I’d never been through those type of situations or circumstances..

Sometimes, it makes me think..

How worth can our life be?!

Are we spending our time in a right way?!

What had we been doing in the past??!

How far can you go to save your love ones?!

Is trying to be a hero something great or is it stupid?!

and more..

Tsunami at Haeundae is not just a movie to me.. It carries a lot of powerful message to everyone who’re watching that movie.. I don’t know how far can you think of when you are watching this movie, but I’d got a lot in my mind..


I’d rate this movie 4.5 out of 5 stars if you asked me..

I’m also well impressed by this movie as it seemed to be like any others big movie production from Hollywood.. It’s really up to the standard.. Of course, let’s not compare much from Hollywood as we always know who leads the market.. The thing is, it’s seriously a good film..

I’m not going to reveal anything from that movie as I think you should go watch it in the cinema while you can.. Seriously, IT’S A GOOD FILM, I repeat… It’s worth paying RM11 or RM12 for such a movie.. Let’s support Asia’s movie once in a while..

I told my girlfriend that I shouldn’t have watched it.. Well, I was just joking about that.. I would like to watch it again if I were asked to watch it again.. It’s a good film, why not?!

The only part is you should not watch the movie with the light on.. I don’t want anyone to see me in those type of situation.. Well, ya.. “those type”..

So, go go! Go watch it while it’s still showing in the cinema!

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yuchelia said...

oh oh.. this movie.. makes me cry a lot... seeing the guy sacrifice.. hiks hiks.. huhuhuhuhu...

so this is the post.. hurmmm... ok... next time i'll know already.. but please.. dont make me think wrongly.. >.<