Monday, July 2, 2007

Life in Event Company

Well, in fact, I am not working with Digi.. I may seemed like I worked everything with Digi. I am actually working under an event company which got the project from Digi. Two major projects are as the YCF and Digi Celebriteen.

In event company, life is kind of hectic for some times.. At times you may find that you are lack of sleeping and lack of time in doing things.. When you got a lot of projects running at one time, you are like split into so many parts..

I was once in a whole week, sleep at 3am and wake up at 6am everyday.. I can't imagine how malfunctioning I am.. Imagine when you don't have time to relax or tense out.. Imagine how bad you'll look like when you are lack of sleeping.. Imagine how bad your temper will be when you are lack of sleeping..

Well, that's when you are terribly hectic of course.. However, there are good part in event company as well.. When you dont have any project going on.. You'll be bored to hell.. I spent like RM300++ in two days time just in one shopping centre when I am so free.. I bought myself, my family and my beloved ones some items.. I guess that's a disaster when I'm finally free and went to the shopping centre..

Besides shopping, I went to cybercafe like almost everyday.. To check my email and friendster.. Nevertheless, to chat with my friends to get myself updated.. Online in the cybercafe wasn't cheap.. 1hour cost me RM2.50-RM3. 00.. Now try to think that when you online for more than 2 hours a day.. and you online like almost everyday.. It cost even more than you expected..

I admit it's not totally bad working in event company.. You are able to enjoy different dishes when you travelled around.. One special drink that I tasted was a drink named "Cai Hong" (rainbow).. It's actually a mixture of dragon fruit juice and mango juice but it's separated into two layer.. When both mixed, the taste is fanstatic!

Well, that's not all.. I was able to meet a lot of people when I work as I am travelling.. I met people who had different post and different background.. One example is as Juliana the former TV hostess for Chicky Hour.. It's still worthwhile for me to challenge myself to take up this job soon after I finish my Diploma study..

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