Sunday, July 8, 2007


Looking back at memorable things will definitely remind us about our past..

After coming back to Kuching for some times, I went back to my high school which I had studied for 5 years, SMK Kuching Town No.1 - The coolest school ever..

However, some things will change after long period..

My previous block during form 2, 4 and 5 had became like this just because the rage of fire happened in May. It is somehow sad because the class that I used to study had became ashes. Well, at least I can still recognize my own block..

Besides that, talking with our friendly teachers definitely makes me missed my school very much. I am really thankful to the teachers whoever taught me in the high school. Their advice, knowledge and determination are something priceless, something that no one else can get it from you.

Somehow, some notice board in the school caught my notice. I saw the Interact Club board and saw the newspaper report regarding the singing competition which was held last year by the Interact Club. Well.. I really missed the moment.. I sang a song named "Qiao Gu Niang" and were able to cheer the crowd up by some silly moves on the stage. Another was the group song by me, See Neng and Yong Fook which was named as "Tong Nian". We intentionally sang that song to make us remind of our childhood and also to sing it with pleasure only and who knows we ended up to become the champion for group category.

Well, that's some memories in the school.. I knew you have your own memories as well.. Memories are always memorable to us.. We should keep it in our heart and our mind from time to time..

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