Friday, July 20, 2007

Api! Api!!

Well, curious what's about it?

7th July, Kuching:
As I was working as the Digi Celebriteen crew for the audition that day, I'd encountered an exciting encounter that I had ever made. We (Digi celebriteen crew) were too bored. Not many went for the audition that day, all we'd done was wait, wait and wait.. I were thinking that the reason might be that Cosmopoint college was too "hidden" as in it's location.. People were lazy to go to Cosmopoint to do the audition because they didn't want to waste their precious time in looking for the spot..

Well, since we were bored, me and two of my colleagues went "yum cha" and we saw smoke coming out from place that wasn't far away from the cafe. The wind was too furious that time and blew the smoke to our direction.

I guess it happened that we got nothing to do and we went to see what happen. I felt like we were the "Digi Celebriteen Reporter" as we were in one car and wearing the same uniform to the burning spot.

When we reached place that was nearby to the incident, we parked our car and ran to that spot. On the way running to that burning spot, I saw long traffic jam and many peoples which was as busybody as we do. While reaching to the place of occurrence, we saw fire brigades there splashing water on the angry fire on the first floor of the building. I had to admit that the fire brigade was cool.

Many went to take photo like we did and many stood there to see the "show" while some were discussing about the incidence and make conclusion to it just like we did. We were suspecting that the company had owed some firm money so instead they burned all the documents and on top of that they can claim fire insurance as well.. No new car were burned at all.. It's like planned properly..

The funniest part was when we saw the officer of the fire brigade arrive after the fire brigades had long arrived and they only stepped in and took a look just like what we did..

Well, I guess this is how Malaysian is... After shooting some photos, we rushed back for the audition and waited for people who wanted to had their celebrity dream..

Still, in the end, nobody went for it and we packed and ran home to rest..

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