Monday, July 2, 2007

Trip to Santubong Resort

Keep on talking about my work wasn't a good idea.. I don't like to just work work work.. I know how to stress out and relax too..

My friend (Dave) asked me to go along with him together with few more friends to Santubong Resort.. The intention was only one.. to STRESS OUT!

The journey to Santubong wasn't long.. It's different when you travel in the car comparing to travel in a bus.. I used to travel to Santubong with friends in bus.. The speed reaching the destination was very different.. We reach there in within 30mins which our bus might take us longer time to reach there..

I didn't play much there and slept very early that night.. But I enjoyed the view.. Enjoy the sun bath.. Enjoy catching small fishes and put them back to sea..

Of course it is impossible for me not playing sand at the beach.. I did something to the sand.. Dig my name out.. It's tiring as the water keep on washing away the sand which make the hole bigger and bigger.. but it's FUN!

And ofcourse since we have car to go to eat, why not we go to eat at the restaurant nearby? We went to one of the seafood restaurant nearby to take our dinner that day.. It takes us around 5minutes to reach there.. It's like a mini zoo there.. I saw monkeys, peacocks, goose and so on..

Not forgetting the beautiful beach scenery..>

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