Wednesday, January 31, 2007


A lot of "Frequently Asked Question" that I'd got recently was "What are you doing lately? You seemed busy.."

All I can answer was actually "I'm working!".. It's a bit busy and tired with my work actually.. It's bored when there's no customer.. And it's busy when there ARE customers..

The weird thing about it was when there's no customer, not even customer will be going into the shop.. However, when there is a customer, there will be tonnes of customers joining back to back..

That's what makes me tired and busy..

I am happy with the work.. Just that I guess I cant go for both (Studying & Working Full-Time)..

I'll be taking break after this coming Friday.. And no more busy Harry after that..

This is what I am working for..

Baby Crown.. As A Shop Assistant..

When I am bored.. This is what I do..

Play with a "Tiger Ear Hair Clip" (It's not a devil horn)..

Well.. the best thing of all.. You learned to communicate with differect types of customers..

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