Monday, January 1, 2007

Costume Party (30th Dec 2006)

Well.. Malaysia is not that trendy in having costume party.. That was one of the reason explaining why I did not have the right costume to be worn for the costume party.

The costume party was organized by St John Ambulance and it was the first time for me to attend such a party (costume party). When I knew that it was a costume party, it got me really headache to think of what costume to be worn for the party.. At last I wore a costume featuring "Hawaiian Style"..

Ofcourse, there are different types of costume altogether.. And below are pictures showing winners that won the best, romantic and wild costume..

And below are the three ladies that can kill you for looking into their eyes..

And below is a picture showing how a costume can change one gender to another..

Pictures are just pictures.. That was a fantastic night where you can see how people dress themselves for a costume party.. It is quite different from other places and other countries I believe.. Some of the winner spent a lot of money just to get their costume readied..

It depends on how you wanna dress and how you want to make a place lively..

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