Monday, January 1, 2007

New year eve countdown party

There are just too much occasions for me these few days.. Not only my wallet is drying up but my stomach is getting bigger too.. I can't imagine to continue days like this for months.. I will sure get the throne as the fattest man in the Guiness World Record.. All I do is eat, eat and eat..

Preparing the new year eve countdown party was easy but tiring.. I had to call the restaurant to make an order for the food we ate to my house on the new year eve, cleaning up my house, making sure the P.A. system was good in shape for the karaoke session.. However the hardest part was to make the decoration for party.. It takes me 4hours to finish the wordings only..

Ofcourse, after counting down, it's not anymore a new year, that's why we burst off the wording"New Year" and left "HAPPY 2007"..

As usual, the fun part is to capture pictures as remembrances..

And ofcourse.. Not forgetting to have Harry happy throughtout the year 2007..

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