Monday, January 15, 2007

Back in action

After playing so much at KL and Singapore.. It's time to be back in action.. I now work and study..

Work as a sales assistant and study part time at Informatics.. I was worried I couldnt arrange my time properly.. It turned out to be okay as the first day of working today.. I learned a lot of new things today.. Working is all about experiences for now.. I gain experiences from working and I know how to do this and that in the future.. That's the whole idea!

However, no more afternoon naps for me but I were still able to bear with it today.. After some times I believe I'll be able to cope with it..

Hm.. Working or Study?! Both! It's different when you work and you study.. If I can really choose.. I prefer both.. Studying makes u gaining knowledge while working makes u gaining experience..

Because of that, I'll try my very best to work and to study at the same time!

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