Monday, January 15, 2007

KL and Singapore

Yeapz.. That's right.. I had a great time in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.. I made myself comfortable by buying lots of clothes for the Chinese New Year celebration.. It's so great going shopping with friends and get yourself an outfit to wear.. I am really satisfied with all the thing I bought in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur..

My auntie and uncle gave me T-shirts too and sum up to have a lots of clothes for the Chinese New Year.. YAY!

That's not all.. There are clothes that you should see which I bought from KL.. I felt it's funny and it'll be cool if I wear it..

However, another great thing was playing at Sunway Lagoon.. It's not as extreme as playing those game at Genting but it's great to play water games in hot weather.. Too bad we didnt capture photos while we played as we were busy playing only.. Somehow, we managed to capture some photos as memories and as a token showing that we went to Sunway Lagoon.

Another great thing was receiving things from my uncle.. He did not only give me T-shirts.. He also gave me a model of Sport Car saying that I had finished my SPM..

Those days during the travelling was really terrific!! I will keep them as memories forever..

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