Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yuni’s birthday – Kuching Edition

Before anything, I would like to wish my girlfriend, Yuni, a very happy birthday.. It’s her birthday today but my responsibility to give her a best celebration since she’s in my territory, Kuching..

I’d been planning for this for quite a long time.. but plan didn’t work as I’d planned..


Ok.. let’s just say.. I screwed up most of the things.. I’d been planning this for long already.. and this is how it goes..

The first mission is to let her feel very distant from me.. Yeah yeah.. I’d been doing some evil stuffs.. trying to show her that I forgot her birthday and also showing her that I’m keeping myself busy during this Chinese New Year before she comes..

I did pretty well on this very first mission.. In fact, she told me that this plan makes her down a thousand feet.. I guess it’s a taboo to this stuff to someone you love as they love you so much too..

Okay.. second mission is on her birthday eve which was yesterday.. I went out with her together with one of my foster bro to my ex-high school.. Then went for lunch and dropped her back at my house.. and from there.. the hide and seek work began..

I went to buy a cake and kept it in my brother’s fridge.. and I tried getting a present for her.. Went searching everywhere but just couldnt find the right thing for her birthday.. I’m not creative in that field.. So.. in the end.. I found this pen..


Saw the “UNI” word?! Yaya.. I heard “cheapskate” from a distance now.. but hey.. it’s something about her.. It’s part of her name.. Uni.. I told myself I am so going to give her as present.. I know.. It’s not a very expensive pen and it has nothing special about this pen.. but to me.. IT IS! It, at least, has the name “Uni” on it!

Oh ya.. about the ribbon.. I asked my brother to help me tie it.. I’m not good in handicraft and I got sweaty palm the whole day long.. So, to make it easier, I asked my brother to help out.. Thanks to him for helping me out a lot today..

And so after everything.. I kept it behind her and pretended not knowing her birthday.. Until 11++pm, I went to my brother’s house to take the cake with the reason “going out yum cha with a friend”.. and I got back with the reason “he put me aeroplane”..

I didn’t know whether that tricks work on her or not but well.. I still fail in the end..

After back with the cake “hidden” in the fridge, my father and I along with her went for a supper and we came back after 12++am today.. And I still keep my “Happy birthday” wish to her until I bring out the cake for her.. which practically means I’m not the first one to greet her a “Happy birthday” (another failure)..


and so.. upon receiving her cake.. made her wish.. and blew the candle off..

the birthday girl..

Camwhored a while..

my mommy and my daddy with her..

me and her.. with my shorts..

and she cuts the cake..


and we went back to our rooms and slept..

~~ The end ~~

okay okay.. I’m just kidding.. of course, I did went to her room and spent some times with her..


.. and that’s where it ends.. she ain’t happy with the surprise.. and the surprise ain’t a surprise to her.. Feel like slamming myself on a door now..


P.S.: Sorry dear.. Sorry for not giving you a good birthday celebration or surprise.. and sorry for making you down..

P.S.S.: Wish you a Happy birthday eventhough it might be your worst birthday of all.. I hope that your wish that you made will come true.. :)

P.S.S.S.: I love you..


Kev said...

ooo so romantic way of ending your blog. :)

anyway, birthdays can be celebrated anywhere but never forget your girl's birthday. Sometimes, no choice but have it earlier (not later).

Anonymous said...

Wow....tat's nice.....what's worse than trying to pretend that you forgot her B'day......

at least it ended nicely.....anyway happy b'day to ur gf.....

GB and happy valentine's day to u and ur gf:) advance:)

Pace quod Amor(Peace and Love)(not too sure about the latin words....hehehe)

Ahmike said...

Hey bro, as far as I concern, girls are simple :) I am sure what she wants is your heart, that's all :)