Friday, April 18, 2008

Welcome to boredom..

Wondering what I had been doing lately?! I'd been staying at my home (Kuching branch) for almost every hour since last week..

I am going back to LimKokWing Hostel at Puchong (place where internet connection sucks!) soon.. Sigh.. Going back, I can meet my university friends back but I won't be able to meet my Kuching friends again..

This holidays are just too bored for me this time.. What I did were taking care of babies (my nephew and niece), sleep, eat, chat, check my iTalentStar, keep refreshing my Friendster page (hoping there's updates).. WAAH!! How bored!

I actually feel like going back to my ex secondary school (SMK Kuching Town No.1) but... no one accompany me.. It'll be very weird if I go alone because I dont know what to do there..

Anyway, it's just a boring holiday.. but I guess it's a meaningful one.. I met a lot of new friends in the internet (Guess I have not been online that long also already).. and keeping in touch with my friends.. and also.. get to understand things around me better (computer is my life.. haha..)..

For now, my mission to get as many animes as possible, so I wont need to download anime anymore at my hostel where the internet connection is sucks!

Bah.. Time for me to stop typing.. and go to bed in a while (I hope)..

To all of you in Kuching.. If you are reading this blog and you want to find me.. Make it a.s.a.p.

I am leaving Kuching by this coming Monday (21st April 2008).. So make sure you had done your appointment with me and set me free from boredom..

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