Saturday, April 19, 2008

Big Apple - Donuts & Coffee

Obviously.. When you saw the title, you know what I am going to talk about..

Big Apple7

That's right!! Donuts time..

Before introducing you the donuts.. I believe you are eager to know what's the price first (well.. that's what we do all the time isn't it?)..

Big Apple2

* Box of 12 pieces - RM22.00
* Box of 6 pieces - RM12.00
* 2 Boxes of 6pieces - RM24.00
* Per Piece - RM2.30

Well.. Prices at Big Apple ain't that expensive compared to other branding.. This is the first Donuts shop that I visited and tasted so far.. So, I couldn't compare with others' prices..

There's 23 flavors to choose.. Some are really attractives and some are really delicious.. So make your right choices..

Pink Panther
Pink Panther - Strawberry Flavour in short

Green Teaser
Green Teaser - Green Tea Flavour

Well, the way they did those flavouring seemed kinda easy.. Just dunk it and plough it!! Don't ask me how they do their donuts or their flavour.. It wasn't shown to public I guess..

Dunkin' Process Flavourin' Process

Ofcourse, Big Apple is not just about Donuts and Coffee.. There are some other drinks such as TEA!! I can't miss tea wherever I go.. It's my favourite!!

Big Apple8
Apple Tea - The first time I tasted.. Filled with Apple aroma!! Nice!!

If you like to try it.. I would say try it all!! Ofcourse, prepare few days to try it all.. Few donuts can make you full even if it seemed small!!

Big Apple6

As a reminder.. some of the donuts are hyper sweet (to me).. so.. If you can't take stuffs that are too sweet.. My advice to you.. drink some tea which will make it perfect 'cause you don't need to put sugar/syrup in your drinks anymore..


g1Ng3r said...

this was somewhere in KL right?
the price was surprisingly the same here in Sabah, though i thought it was cheaper in KL =P

Harry said...

it's in Sarawak.. not in KL..

sorry for the late reply..