Friday, April 13, 2007


There are a lot of peoples who really go for branded items.. They didn't really consider about how beautiful it is nor whether the item suits them or not. Most importantly, they got the branded item they want. I guess this is what people called "BRAND WASH". Well, I'll just say for the shoes we used. Shoes we nowadays see are as below.

Leather shoes?
Normal shoes?

Fashionable shoes?Sports shoes?

Yeah, those are the shoes we normally see at the street or shopping mall. Do you ever consider getting different types of shoes? Instead of getting those branded shoes or trendy shoes? Those shoes are really expensive. I can get the same shoes at Petaling Street with price that is only 20% of the original price.

It's really "OH MY GOD!" when I go into shops like Adidas or Nike.. Eventhough there are shoes that caught into my attention, however, I really don't feel like buying it. Getting shoes for RM150+ for me is impossible (Unless it's a gift la..).. Well.. I think everyone has to re-consider with whatever they buy.. Brand does not really take count from the out look.. It's just brand, that's all.. Of course, branded item are so-called with "QUALITIES".. But consider again, if you can buy multiple shoes for just one shoes which you can wear for 5 years, what would you choose? Wearing different shoes for that 5 years or just one typical outdated shoes for 5 years?

Well, if you say you want special item, that everyone might not has it.. I guess that would consider be ok.. If you ignore how beautiful it is or how suit it is to you.. Consider the shoes below..

Ya, I know it's ugly and gross.. however it is SPECIAL! Use it while it's unique, dont use it while it's outdated... Keep it trendy!

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