Thursday, April 19, 2007

'Bye-Bye' to my beloved Kuching

Wow! Don't worry, it's just for 2 months leaving. Well, I'll be following Digi Celebriteen (DCT) as part of their crew as a full timer. We'll be touring all around the West Malaysia and East Malaysia for months. The touring includes the auditions and quarter final competition. For more information, you may refer to the official web at regarding the trip.

Well, do not ask me what I'll be working as 'cause I do not know that either. I only knew that I applied to become one of the DCT crew intending to fill up my time during this two months while waiting for my Lim Kok Wing University College courses to be started.

Not knowing much about my work is kinda troublesome. Many things came across my mind everyday. Thinking of what I'll be doing there, what will happen to me, how the trip is, how much I will miss my family and my girl friend and how I'll be passing my time there.

Hoping myself not to worry too much, I just try to think the most terrible things will happen there. Well, I guess the most terrible thing there are unable to see my family, girlfriend and my close friends. Hm.. I guess this how life is..

The worst I might be is to become Yellow Coverage Fellow (YCF) which I think it wasn't too bad after all..

I'll just be the yellow guy who is next to me. It wasn't really too bad isn't it? I think he is cute, isnt he?

Well, ya, I'll try to update my blog as often as I could there but according to the schedule, it's kinda packed and if you guys wanna know where my location will be at which date, just refer to the website and that's it!

Less but not least, I'll miss you guys.. Everyone of you out there.. Especially my family, girlfriend and brothers..
I'll miss everyone of you!

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