Saturday, December 1, 2007

Genting Blast

It's been a long time since my last posting.. My readers had urge me to update my blog.. Now I am on holiday, I suppose I should start my blogging work back..

Well, before I came back to Kuching, I went to Genting with my few course mates.. Again, nothing special at Genting (I can't go into the casino.. that's why nothing special).. What made it special is are your friends..

Before I continue my story, let me introduce you my friend..

Kean Seng and Boon San

Swee Ying and Yuni

The fantastic 5

Start to get the feeling of Genting yet? Well, I believe if any of my that four friends see these picture, they surely will feel it..

The trip was in fact exciting we shouted, we laughed and we SCREAMED!! I'll have to say that if I go to Genting alone and played alone in the theme park, I can assure you that I'll be crying instead of laughing because nobody accompanied me laughing..

The amazing stuff we did was taking tonnes of photo.. For just within one day, we took more than 250 pieces of photo.. I don't know how we do that but we just did!!

Anyway, pictures says everything.. It is at least one thing that is memorable to us and makes us remind of the things happened..

I wish we stayed longer at Genting together.. as it's THRILLING!! Hope that we'll go there together again..

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