Saturday, December 1, 2007

Frenzy Mountain - The Promise

“How are you, Patrick?” asked Joseph. “We rushed here immediately soon after your mother told us that you are terribly sick!”

“I don’t know what happened to me. I suddenly blacked out right after I told my mum what happen back then during last month’s mountain climbing,” replied Patrick. “Perhaps what the pixie said was right.”

“What?! You told your mum what happened at Frenzy Mountain? What did she said?” asked Peter anxiously while closing the room’s door.

Patrick explained to them that his mother didn’t believe any single word from him. His mother thought that it’s just one of his fantasies which he created normally. Patrick got a lot of fantasies all the time and that explained why his mother won’t believe what he said. Three of them settled down for a few minutes to think for a solution.

Patrick’s body got weaker and weaker when time went by. Joseph was very concerned about Patrick’s health and asked him to lie down on the bed to rest. After thinking calmly, Joseph came into a conclusion. “Well, if we don’t do anything about this, Patrick’s life might be in danger. Maybe this is what the pixie meant by the bad luck we’ll get if we tell someone about the incidence,” said Joseph with a solution. “Where is the yellow crystal that you’d kept? Perhaps we could activate the warp portal once again and seek for pixie’s help.”

Patrick pointed at his drawer next to his bed and Joseph went to take it. Joseph were terrified when he see the crystal ball’s colour faded out. Perhaps the crystal balls indicate the health of each of them. As Patrick was getting weaker, the crystal ball’s faded tremendously too. Joseph decided to help Patrick to recover to his normal health and asked Peter to join him too.

Joseph insisted Patrick to rest on the bed while he and Peter go to Frenzy Mountain to find that pixie for solution. Both Joseph and Peter lied to their parents that they’ll be fishing early next morning somewhere around Frenzy Mountain as an excuse to go there. They got readied for their food supplies, clothes and their crystal balls.

Both of them departed early that morning without hesitation. Upon reaching there, they rushed to the waterfall and tried to activate the warp using their crystal balls. It worked exactly like what they had planned. They jumped into the warp point without thinking of the consequences.

“Welcome back! It’s a surprise to see both of you again,” greeted gracefully the pixie. “Where is Patrick? Why didn’t he come together with both of you?”

Joseph explained everything to the pixie regretfully about Patrick incident and asked for help and mercy. However, pixie rejected their request and tried to fly away.

“Hold up! We’ll do anything that we could to save Patrick. We promise to follow what you say to help him!” halted Joseph. The pixie flew back and explained them the difficulties and risk to take in order to help Patrick. Joseph and Peter agreed to help Patrick by staking their own life without hesitation.

“Now, you all will have to gather me few items in order to save Patrick,” said the pixie while handing over the item list to Joseph. “All of the items listed can be found in the Forbidden Mansion, however, the Forbidden Mansion are said to be haunted and ruled by an unknown creature.”

Peter was trembled when he heard of the word “haunted” and tried to retreat from the task. After calming down Peter, Joseph patted Peter’s back and promised him that everything will be alright as he was not alone in this task.

“Now, I’ll warp both of you to the Mansion’s entrance only as my power is limited. This magical box can come in handy when both of you are in danger. However, only open it when you really need help,” said the pixie while giving Peter the magical box.

The pixie then activated the portal, and both Joseph and Peter held hand in hand and jump into the portal after expressing their gratitude to the pixie.


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