Saturday, October 20, 2007

Late Posting

Well.. I know I have not been posting lately.. I felt sorry for those who always came in and check for the latest post..

It has been almost a month since my last posting.. I was too busy with my studies, assignment and entertainment.. I came back to Kuching for Raya holidays after living in Cyberjaya for almost two months.. If you would like to know how's life in Lim Kok Wing.. I'll say "LAZY"..

The reason why I mentioned it's a lazy life is because students in Lim Kok Wing really are influencing.. Imagine assignment given to you a month ago and you only do it two days before the due date.. It's terrible right? However, I had to push myself and stay conscious that I went to Lim Kok Wing to study not to play.. And my consciousness enabled me to maintain my result and performance..

Well.. that's life in Lim Kok Wing..

Let's talk about my holiday in Kuching.. As everyone is going back to Kampung for Raya and so do I.. I did different thing for my Raya.. The first day of Raya, I arrived Kuching and did a celebration for my one-month old nephew.. Aw.. he is so adorable.. Look at him!

My second sister's son (1month old)

Well.. after looking at him makes me think.. am I this old already?! Oh my god! I am an uncle of a niece and two nephews already.. I shouldn't be fooling around anymore.. I am not young anymore.. There are things that I should do..

My eldest sister's son (1month++ old)

But what's the thing?! I guess I should study well and have a bright future ahead me.. but again.. we can't predict what will happen to us next..

What happen next was I went to Damai together with my family and relatives on the second and third day of Raya.. It was fun, extreme and PAIN! For the first time in my life, I got stung by the jellyfish.. I guess it's just a small one as I only got the small lashes on my hand.. However, it did not stop me from enjoying the fun.. I continued made a sand castle and played in the sea water.. It felt a bit hot and pain at times only..

Well, I do believe in coincidence and fate stuff.. I get to meet Mr Tan, my high school's prefectorial board teacher.. He is still the same.. Nothing changed much.. I guess we are the only one who keep changing as we grow up and changes differ in time...

Anyway.. those are the fun time I had.. Ofcourse I also visited Pn Sharifah, my high school's teacher on the 3rd day too.. The best part was meeting up with my friends and chit chat with my friends and teacher.. It had been long since my last "crazy" chat with my friends..

Well, the rest of the day was not anything really special.. It's just watching movie with my friends and hi-tea together.. Not to forget my girl friend.. Aw.. I miss her so so much.. I was glad I had time to meet her up during this short holiday..

Anyway.. That's how the holiday is.. I am going back to Cyberjaya to study again.. STUDY!!!

By the way, Semester ends at 23rd November.. So we'll see Harry back in action..

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