Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Keep it up, DAVE!

Well, after working in KL for quite some times, I met this guy.. DAVE... Well, there were only both of us who are from Kuching in that company. I can tell that if without him, I might be bored like hell 'cause most of the people speak in Cantonese or English. As for Dave and Jacky (another colleague), we all communicated using Mandarin and that brought us closer to each other. Furthermore, Dave speaks and understands Hokkien also and this enabled both of us communicate without barriers.

I am extremely happy that he had his dream came true. He told me he wished his album and singing stuff will go smoothly. Well, he is a tough guy. Since small, he is exposed to world without stranger where he studied and worked at his own place. He sang, he hosted and he studied. He is a very hardworking guy. I guess you can't just be successful in a click.. You had to be hardworking and set a goal for yourself.

This is why I think that it's not wrong to dream. Even though it might be impossible, but who knows some days, the impossible will be nothing to you.

What I should say is we should never "give up" in anything we do or did. We might faced few failures at first, but treat that as advices and ingredient to be success.

For more information about Dave aka Pei Jie, you may visit his friendster and blog. Add him as your friend and be a supporter to him. He had got his first single out in town for grab. Buy his single and listen to it. I swear it's really nice. Get it while stock last. It's hot!

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