Sunday, September 9, 2007

Busy.. busy.. busy..

On and off, people asked me "Why didn't you update your blog? We want to know more about you.."

I am very sorry that I didn't update my blog for some times already.. Due to my busy schedule, I got no time to update my blog at all.. Even when I am free, I'll just watch some animes to stress out..

Well, this is life of university as expected.. Busy with assignment, busy with cleaning the room, busy with shopping and everything.. Luckilly, I did some trainings to breakthrough this type of life.. Before coming to study here, I did work in KL for 1month plus which really helps me a lot..

Now I know how to live without relying the others.. (of course, I still have to rely on my parents for my monthly expenses).. Anyway, life here is so far so good.. Kuching is still the best.. A lot of peoples would say "Wah! so good ho! you can study in KL.." but what I can say is.. there is no place like home..

Oh.. good news to friends who are awaiting for my 2nd part of the Frenzy mountain story.. I will be writing the 2nd part in this month.. so stay tune ya.. I got my 1st part of my story that is why I can continue my story..

Anyway.. next week I will be having my mid term exam.. Sigh.. now I have to study already..

A cup of coffee, a night to go, a book to read..

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