Monday, May 7, 2007

Digi Celebriteen journey begins..

After becoming the "Yellow Coverage Fellow" (YCF) for some times, finally what I wished to work had come true..

Now I am following Digi Celebriteen tour for the auditions, training and even the competition. It's not an easy task to become the Digi Celebriteen Crew.. There's a lot of preparation.. We did not have enough sleep individually for every single one of us.. We prepared thing till late night and wake up early in the morning typically to set up everything for the auditions..

Carrying things ain't easy also.. Imagine you have to carry more than 10 stuffs up to 2nd floor by staircase which every single items is more than 15kg.. Sometimes we sleep at 3am and wake up at 6am to prepare only one audition for the only one location..

Anyway, those tough works did not really count.. I enjoyed this work actually.. I get to meet a lot of peoples from different parts of Malaysia.. Ofcourse, making a lot of new friends are part of it too.. Well, looking at peoples' expression before and after entering the audition room is another great thing.. I am incharged to get people readied from waiting room to the audition room.. It sounded simple but I don't really have time to sit down when there were a lot of participants for the audition..

There is one thing in my mind.. I was wondering.. I would like to join this competition as well.. Perhaps I should consider about it while I am still a "TEEN".. I need help and co-operation of my friends.. If I gotta join it, I'll prefer to join as a group of three which is also known as "TRIO" in the competition..

Well, that's about the thing I wondered only.. Anyway, that's not all.. Another great thing about this work is I am able to meet with some TV crew or even celebrity in a close distance or even take photo with them.. I am really great I took some pictures with the people below..

Juliana (Previous "Chicky Hour" TV Host)..

Intan (Previous "Chicky Hour" TV Host)..

Harry and Baki (Freelance Actor/Host)

Well, Ya.. Life goes on.. Looks like I'll have to get back to busy after getting to be able to "online" in cyber to update this blog..

I miss ya all!!

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