Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gary & Victor Promo Tour 2007

I was glad to hear that Gary and Victor were coming to Kuching, Sarawak to make their promo tour together.. Unlikely some other place except Sabah, the tour are separated..

Eventhough Gary and Victor came to Kuching to make their promo tour, I went to see Gary's Promo Tour only as I like his songs pretty much.. There are goodies given out on the spot that day and WOW! I was able to see 988 DJ closely..

988 radio can only be tuned at West Malaysia, but we can still tune in to them via their website . They were really good in broadcasting thing.. They caught into my attention when they arrive at Kenyalang Park.. They were kinda pity as they were not been told where the location is after the taxi driver sent them off.. As I knew they were going for this promo tour, I lead them way to the Kenyalang Park Community Hall..

The tour were crowded with numerous of peoples and also a cute Digi man..

I got excited when I saw the Digi fat man and I took a photo with him.. I am really a Digi supporter.. I don't really like Maxis or Celcom.. I saved this photo and put it as my wallpaper in my phone.. I laughed everytime I saw the picture..

Besides all this tour, I am proud to get the Digi-Gary limited edition keychain..

I spent RM3 to download Gary's photo as above just to get the keychain.. It's worthing as I kinda like Gary..

Sadly, I didnt join Victor's tour as I was hungry and felt hot after Gary's promo tour.. I squeezed myself in and to get a clearer view to see how Gary in real life look like.. Frankly, he isn't really tall and he got a typical look.. :)

Bah, experience it yourself if you are able to join other promo tour if you dont believe this experience.. hahaz..

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