Sunday, March 18, 2007

Education Freak

My goodness, after SPM result came out, I had been busy applying different types of scholarships and even looking through which field should I choose for my future planning. It isn't easy like what we see and what we want.. In fact the most important thing is how much efforts can you put for the specialized field..

I got to know that academics are just about certificates for the first level interview only. When it comes to working, working attitudes take counts.. It doesn't really matter if you get Straight A1 in SPM or even 1st honor for your degree programme.. If you got the working attitude that the employer wants, you are out of the list immediately.. Besides that, first impression is also one of the factor which might take count.. Imagine when you are a boss and one came in to interview wearing short pants and slipper with untidy hair.. Would you employ them? Definitely NO!

What I have to say is.. Try to impress your employer with the ability you have and not with the certificates that you have.. Communication skill is the most important part of all..

Believe it or not ?! Believe it!

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