Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chinese New Year

Harry is finally back in action again to update his blog..

I got really busy during the preparation of Chinese New Year and it's a relief that Chinese New Year had finally arrived. Decoration can be found everywhere in my house. Not to mention, red and golden colours are the theme for my house this year. It's a custom for chinese to place pineapple in the house because it is told to be "Wang Lai" (旺來) or prosperity.

Ofcourse, decoration won't be perfect without fireworks in the sky and firecrackers everywhere. I have to admit that there are still firecrackers and fireworks displayed in Sarawak eventhough it is banned. However, for everyone's information, chinese seldom ever get themselves injured by those firecrackers or fireworks. I can seldom ever read news about people "bombing" their own body parts just to play those dangerous things.

However, without firecrackers and fireworks, a Chinese New Year is never a Chinese New Year here in Kuching.. For businessman, playing these fireworks represent their prosperity and hoping to gain more prosperity in this Pig Year (Lunar Calendar)..

Besides that, we will never miss the Lion Dance whenever it is Chinese New Year.. Eventhough, it's quite unpleasant to listen to the noise of the drum, we still get used to the sound and in fact, we'll try to rush ourselves to see the lion dance show.. This year, my family invited people to play Lion Dance show and it's early in the morning.. The show was nice with two "Lion" playing the dance..

And now.. I guess it's time for everyone to get settle down.. Back to school and back to work and continue the normal routine as usual..

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