Friday, February 16, 2007

Chinese New Year MOOD!

Oh gosh.. Chinese New Year is just around the corner.. There's so much preparation that has to be done.. I had been busy since past 2 weeks.. Move things and clean things daily..

For some times, I was wondering "How come there's so many things in my house" and even wonder "Why there's so many things to be done for Chinese New Year"..

However, I do enjoy cleaning things and moving things in my house although it is tiring.. During the process, it wasn't really that fun.. The greatest part of it was to see the place cleaned and tidied..

It has been a custom for Chinese to clean their house for chinese new year.. In fact this is one of the good thing for us.. We'll try to clean the house once a year eventhough we are busy as usual.. If without this occasion, you won't even want to bother to clean those "ALGAE(greenish things)" at your backyard..

However, I am awaiting for the Chinese New Year.. By that time, no more cleaning.. but only PLAYING!!

You might even wonder how come Harry had been missing in action (MIA) these few days.. The reason is he is only available freely when it's almost midnight..

From here, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year in advance!! ^^

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