Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cellphones - Source of Ignition

Cell-phones CAN BE a source of ignition. In this case the employee was trying to use his cell phone's illuminated screen as a source of light - as it was dark by the dome area on top of the truck.

PLEASE inform all your families, friends and loved ones that gasoline itself is not the problem, it is the vapours emitted that caused what you are going to see in this video. That said, standing "a bit away" from the pump might still not be enough (based on the amount of fumes emitted), so PLEASE no cell-phones around the pump areas in gas stations.

Notes: Eventhough it happened to be that we always carry our phone around while we are trying to refilling the oil tank and nothing had happen, it doesnt mean that it won't happen again in the future.. If life ends, it's game over and nobody can reset the game for you unlike the games that you had played in Playstation or etc


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