Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bonsai Cat

P/S: No idea this is true or false.. but if it's true.. it's cruel to have a bonsai cat..

*EDITED: There are readers who said the image could not be loaded


:: Letters From My Heart :: said...

altho i dun like cat n owes thk to cut their tails when they's around but...omigod,this is more cruel=X

Harry said...

absolutely cruel

bloodyhoney28 said...

yes!!! omg...humans are growing into animals lately. did you know there is a guy who tied a dog in an art gallery and his so-called masterpiece is watching how the dog died there slowly with no food at all. it's sick.

Harry said...

ya ya.. i got that email too..

sigh.. reckless ppl.. dosanye..