Monday, December 22, 2008

Legal Prostitution

Have you ever wonder if prostitution can be legal?!

Well, if you said "Yes!" then you are half right.. Not everywhere on earth had legalized prostitution.. If you asked whether Malaysia has any legal area for prostitution, the answer is a big "NO!"..

In some country they drew a boundary where prostitution and other businesses in sex industry are legalized.. They call this area or district as the red-light district.. In Malaysia, where the populations are kept in a box, may not know much about this red-light district unless they go search around in the Internet about it..


Wonder why some country had legalized prostitution in the red-light district?!

Simple as it may seemed, prostitution may decrease the crime rate for case such as sex abusing or raping.. Well, let me draw an example for you.. Imagine you are passionate to have sex and you have no idea where to have sex.. You would most probably ended up stalking some pretty ladies to have sex with them.. and when they rejected you, you rape them?! Anyway, that's just a joke..

image image

I mean, come on.. I think prostitution is like any other businesses where you earn money to fill up your tummy or to support your family.. Some people, specifically ladies, when they have no qualification for any job such as accountant or even clerk, they have no other choices but to sell they "property"..


I don't really think they sell themselves because they wanted to.. In most cases, they have bad family backgrounds.. Imagine you have to repay your father's debt for betting the whole family assets in the casino and the loan shark come chasing after you for the bloody money.. You may say "I'll have some other way to get the money!".. But some people are just not as fortunate as we are.. They got no choice but to sell them off..


Of course, if you are belonged to someone else already.. You should not think of going to such place.. It never ended up "Happily Ever After" when you do that.. and I am not asking you to go visit them cause you have the money and you are still a bachelor.. What I think we should do is to treat them like normal people like us.. Com' on.. They are human also right?! They didn't take knife and point it to you and say "GIVE ME MONEY!!".. They also "work" for money also..


P.S.: All the above pictures are taken from forwarded mail if you wonder how I got it..


kennhyn said...

I guess everything hace pro and con. So is hard to judge. But since they going to legalize sex, may as well legalize home brew...haha

Yi Ling said...

i thought you went down to take those photos. LOL.

cojackkoh said...


so someone actually went there before... (before he had her...)


Kev said...

Interesting way to advertise their services - i guess different countries have different laws. In some countries, it's illegal to ride a bicycle without a helmet. In Malaysia - ah, never mind. :)

And you're right about treating prostitutes as humans - they ARE humans making a living. Some of them are forced into it, others have no other choice.

Take care and be good :)

Harry said...

home brew.. kekkez.. true true..

Yi Ling:
aww.. if i go there take photos.. I wont post it up also.. LOLz.. JKJK..

muahahaz.. reading between lines here..

haha.. just throwing my thoughts.. cause ppl always despise them a lot.. hehez..